Án Tử Hình - an tu hinh - 2000 Ad - 公元2000 Án Tử Hình - an tu hinh - 2000 Ad - 公元2000
9.9 10 555
Án Tử Hình - an tu hinh - 2000 Ad - 公元2000
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Án Tử Hình
- Đạo diễn: Trần Gia Thường,
- Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật,
- Thể loại: Hành Động - Phiêu Lưu
- Quốc gia: Singapore
- Năm sản xuất: 2000
- Thời lượng: 109 phút

The movie begins with a routine exercise by the Republic of Singapore Air Force to test the integrity of their computer defence system. A private passenger plane belonging to a company called TDX arriving in Singapore is shot down by a missile under instruction by a rogue agent from the Central Intelligence Agency, Kelvin Woo. The plane was carrying the President and Department head from the company who were intending to investigate a stolen computer protection system they were working on. Kelvin has enlisted Alex, a geek, to implant a bug into the computer systems of the First National Bank, but was informed by him that he requires a "Caller Program" to wipe out the computer systems before they can rob the bank.

Colonel Ng, head of the Army's Information Warfare Unit, engages Major Eric Ong from the Singapore Police Force in an effort to investigate the matter independently from the US authorities. The US authorities believes the plane incident was related to a computer spy ring, and lists Greg as a suspect. Eric is dispatched to Hong Kong as an observer, but is instructed not to be directly involvement in any dealings there to avoid complications with the Americans. Over in Hong Kong, Peter Li and his brother Greg Li are computer programmers. Peter's girlfriend, Janet, and her brother, Bobby, lives with them. Greg Li meets the Vice President of TDX, and teleconferences with his girlfriend, Salina, who was in the United States. Salina informs him that her office was raided by the CIA.

Ronald Ng of the Hong Kong Police Force Government Security Unit leads a raid at Greg's residence, with members of the CIA, including Kelvin and his accomplice. Eric witnesses the raid from the road outside. While searching his home, The accomplice triggers an electric-ion bomb which disabled the police's radio and the electrical systems. Both Greg and Peter were brought to the station, where an American diplomat interrogates Greg while Ronald listens in despite the displeasure of Woo. It was revealed that Greg is an undercover CIA agent, and has asked for help from the embassy. Greg informs that he suspects the CIA's system was invaded, and that the TDX may be implicated. When pressed for evidence, Kelvin informed that any information in Greg's computer has been wiped out by the electric-ion bomb. Peter was released, while Greg was arranged to depart for the United States.

As the entourage departs the station, a call is received by the control room saying it is not safe to do so. The cars receive the instruction just as they are departing the entrance, and pulls to a halt. Peter happens to see the entourage and exchanges goodbyes with his brother. Suddenly, a rocket was launched at one of the GSU vehicles, causing it to land atop Greg's vehicle, killing the driver and trapping him and the escorting officers inside. All of them were then killed by sniper fire fired through the car's roof. Kelvin, seated in a car behind Greg's, sits quietly while the other officers reacted in panic. A devastated Peter follows Ronald and his men after the sniper, and find himself chasing the sniper ahead of the officers. A civilian was shot as the sniper fires at Peter, and knocks a passing beat cop unconscious after expending his ammunition. Peter was shocked by the violence, but knowing the sniper is without firearms and driven by emotion, he grasps a metal pipe and fights the sniper. Kelvin arrives at the scene, and was about to shoot Peter when PTU officers arrived, where he then pretends to help Peter while the sniper escapes in a getaway car. Kelvin offers help to Peter and gives him his number.

As Peter drives home later with his girlfriend Janet and her brother Bobby, he notices a black car following them. He confronts the driver, who turns out to be Eric and was forced to reveal his identity as a Singaporean agent. He asks Peter to provide him with information on his brother's death. When Peter reaches his home, he found to his great displeasure that the place has been secured by the police for more investigation work. One of the officers accidentally breaks a large savings vase, spilling the coins across the floor. Salina arrives at his home with her friend Thomas Tsang, a judge, who prevents them from searching the place further. While picking up the coins later, a key to Greg's safe was found. Salina advices him to check the contents before calling the police. Salina assists him to forge his brother's identity, but found a secured metal briefcase in the safe. Under her direction, they took the briefcase out of the bank and were enroute to the carpark when they were confronted by Ronald and his officers, who arrest them.

While Peter and Salina are driven out of the carpark in two GSU vehicles, the convoy was attacked by four assailants attempting to steal the briefcase. In the intense gunbattle, two assailants and all six police officers were killed, including Ronald. Just before he dies, Ronald warns Peter about Salina's unknown past. Peter was forced to kill a third assailant in self-defence, while the fourth, the same man as the sniper, was prevented from obtaining Greg's metal briefcase by Eric, who arrived in the nick of time. Salina manages to drive Peter's car and rescues him. While in the car, Salina opens the metal briefcase, revealing a key to a safe deposit box in the Singapore National Bank. He decides to go to Singapore with Salina, despite the later's objections. Janet and Bobby also insisted on tagging along. Eric informs Colonel Ng that he believes the GSU unit was attacked by Kelvin's men, while affirming Peter's non-involvement in the entire affair and his suspicions over Salina. Colonel Ng admonishes him for being involved in the gun battle, and demands his immediate return to Singapore.

Peter's entourage arrives in Singapore and checks in to a hotel, where he locks the key in the room's safe. His distrust towards Salina becomes obvious, while Salina begins to take on a colder profile. They have an open confrontation over dinner, where Peter demands to know her identity, the reason why she was completely uninjured in the gunbattle, and her ability to drive his car despite being without his car keys. Salina tearfully reveals her acquisition of car-stealing knowledge while being a hooker in a night club, and that he met Greg there. Her display of emotion wins over Janet, while Bobby begins to have feelings for her.

The following morning, Salina and the safe's key were found missing. The three rush to the bank, where they see Salina leaving the bank accompanied by a man which Peter recognises as the fourth surviving assailant in the carpark attack and the sniper who shot his brother. The two left in a red vehicle driven by another man, while the trio rushes out and tries to summon help from some policemen who were busy helping another vehicle. In frustration, Peter jumps into the police car and drives off, while Bobby stops the policeman, who then calls for backup. Eric, who is an unmarked police vehicle, hears the request over the radio and rushes to the scene. Peter chases after the red car through to Boat Quay, where his car was disabled after he rams into the red car which braked suddenly.

Eric and three other plainclothes officers intercepts the red car and a gunbattle takes place. Two beat cops rushing to the scene were fired at, hitting one of them. As Peter reaches the scene on foot, Salina fires near his feet to stop him. An assailant shoots a speedboat handler, and all three, including Salina escape via the Singapore River. Eric brings Peter and his two companions to the military base, where he informs them that he needs to send them back to Hong Kong soonest possible as the Hong Kong police requires his assistance for their investigations over the carpark incident. He asks Peter not to reveal his presence at the scene.

The contents of the safe were shown to Kelvin, but contained items of sentimental value to Salina. Disgusted, he reminds her that she belongs to him, that she was the one who stole the Caller Program, and threatened her death to erase all evidence. Over at the airport, Bobby finds a mysterious program implanted by Greg in his laptop, after his computer malfunctioned for the past days. Alex successfully completes the first part Caller Program, and destroys the data in several key organisations and companies, including that of the Stock Exchange and the National Bank, their intended target. Kelvin is greatly dismayed to hear that the second part will take another month to finish. He receives a call from an unsuspecting Peter, who informs him about the program in Bobby's laptop and asks for his assistance.

They arrange a meetup at a hotel, where Kelvin once again positions the sniper at the rooftop of a nearby building. As the laptop was shown to Kelvin, Peter reveals the existence of Greg's emails which show Salina's involvement in the stolen program. He did not show the emails to Kelvin, however, despite Kelvin's insistence. A water shows up to serve him water, and Peter was surprised to note that it was Eric. With increased confidence, he demands for information on Salina and his brother's killer, failing which he will reveal the email contents to the press. Kelvin asks for a change in the discussion venue. While on the way out, he points a gun into Peter's back, and the identity of his brother's killer begins to dawn upon Peter. Eric chases after them, and the three engage in a fight on the rooftop of the hotel. The sniper injures Eric and pins him down, As they fight for possession of the laptop, Peter fell off the rooftop, but was saved by a gondola, while Kelvin escapes with the laptop. Bobby sees him leave and tails him in a taxi.

Kelvin and two rouge agents arrive at Suntec City, where they meetup with Salina and another four men. While Bobby informs Peter of his location, he loses sight of the rouge agents, only to run into them later and was captured by them. Peter, Janet, Eric, and several officers arrive at the Convention Centre, but Eric receives a call from Colonel Ng, who surprised him by asking for the arrest of all the rouge agents after receiving confirmation from the Americans that the agents were operating without official approval. The agents find Alex at his computer station, who reports he has completed his task. Kelvin shoots him dead, and is about to shoot Bobby when Salina points her gun at Kelvin's head. As the other agents react, one of them, who has earlier shown sympathy towards Salina, draws his gun and stops them. Salina and Bobby leaves with the laptop, while the sympathetic agent was shot dead by the rest just as he was about to follow them.

Eric dispatches his men to guard all the exits. Salina and Bobby mingles into a crowd at the convention centre's concourse amongst some exhibits, while the remaining six rouge agents attempts to hunt them down. Bobby contacts Peter to inform him of their location, and they rushed to the scene. Kelvin notices the large group of offices converging in the area, and saw Peter gesturing to Bobby in his hideout. As he and the sniper approaches Bobby and Salina, an agent were quickly arrested by the police. The four gets into a tussle, and Bobby was shot by Kelvin, sparking mayhem in the area. Kelvin grabs the laptop and tries to escape. A civilian, two officers, and three of the rouge agents were shot. Some civilians were taken hostage as Kelvin forces them to run the program from the laptop. He shoots one of the hostage when his demands for the police to withdraw was rejected. Eric was forced to withdraw the officers.

In a fit of rage, Peter rushes at Kelvin dispute sustaining a gunshot wound from him, and points his gun at Kelvin's forehead. When he hesitated, Kelvin triggers the program's deletion process, which ended with a snapshot of Peter and Bobby, revealing a hoax program planted by the two of them. Peter squeezes the trigger despites Janet's protests, but the gun jammed to his great dismay. The closing scenes show Peter being attended to by nurses outside the Convention Centre, which was swamped by police officers and moving the crowd away from the venue. The sniper was seen mingling in the crowd and walking free. Salina compliments Bobby for his bravery while he is being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

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