Câu Chuyện Của Thế Chiến Thứ 2 - cau chuyen cua the chien thu 2 - The Story Of World War 2 Câu Chuyện Của Thế Chiến Thứ 2 - cau chuyen cua the chien thu 2 - The Story Of World War 2
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Câu Chuyện Của Thế Chiến Thứ 2 - cau chuyen cua the chien thu 2 - The Story Of World War 2
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Câu Chuyện Của Thế Chiến Thứ 2
- Đạo diễn: Đang cập nhật,
- Diễn viên: Đang cập nhật,
- Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật,
- Thể loại: Phóng Sự - Tài Liệu
- Quốc gia: Mỹ
- Năm sản xuất: Đang cập nhật
- Thời lượng: 120 phút

World War Two was the defining event of the twentieth century. Concentrating on the Second World War through American eyes, Donald Miller has written a fluid, fast paced and extremely interesting account of the war. In this installment of “Books of Our Time” Dean Lawrence R. Velvel (Visit Velvel's Blog at www.velvelonnationalaffairs.com) interviews Donald Miller about his latest work “The Story of World War II.” Miller is a professor of history at Lafayette College. Miller’s account should be of great interest to students and scholars of the war. He draws extensively on well-chosen oral interviews, book excerpts and contemporary newspaper articles. Miller focuses on all the major campaigns: Torch in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Anzio, Tarawa, the Philippines, Iwo Jima, Okinawa, D-Day, and air wars in both Europe and the Pacific. This work will also be of great interest (part 1) to scholars of the war, as the interview centers around Miller’s historical method used in writing and researching about the war. Commager, crusade against barbarism, blunderers, cover-ups, mistakes, cowards, breakdowns, racial prejudice, atrocities, mass killings, Shirer, Germans, Hitler, world war, Japanese, United States, hidden holocaust, rape of Nanking, Russia, Finland, defense by the Finns, western front, French superior power to the Germans, but screwed up mercilessly, militarily, politically, invade England, bombing submarine campaigns, invasion, defeated, percentage of losses, German submarine service, heroism of the merchant seamen, why Hitler invaded Russia, defense by the Russians, relocation of Russian industry, Russian guerilla campaign, racial aspect of the Russo-German war, Americans and Japanese in the Pacific, battle of Leningrad, battle of Stalingrad, most savage battles, decisive battles of history, United States and Japan at loggerheads in 1941, Japan seek to accomplish, attacking Pearl Harbor, Nagami, Japanese caught MacArthur's air force on the ground, regard MacArthur as a brilliant general, negligent, publicity hound, arrogant, mistakes in World War II and Korea, brilliant things, factors which caused the Japanese to treat prisoners so cruelly, Doolittle raid, Battle of Midway, John Keegan, "the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare",importance, battle for Guadalcanal, land and naval, Americans

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