Bảy Vị La Hán - bay vi la han - 7 Vị La Hán - 7 Vi La Han - Seven Arhat - Qi Xiao Luo Han Bảy Vị La Hán - bay vi la han - 7 Vị La Hán - 7 Vi La Han - Seven Arhat - Qi Xiao Luo Han
9.9 10 555
Bảy Vị La Hán - bay vi la han - 7 Vị La Hán - 7 Vi La Han - Seven Arhat - Qi Xiao Luo Han
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Bảy Vị La Hán
- Đạo diễn: Fu Huayang,
- Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật,
- Thể loại: Võ Thuật - Kiếm Hiệp
- Quốc gia: Trung Quốc
- Năm sản xuất: 2010
- Thời lượng: 82 phút

Film about an ancient temple in the seven mischievous but serious matters for martial arts break small Lohan off the master in the master under the leadership of the "Tomb of four groups," the story of wits.

Mountain temple, retreat with a martial guise of an old monk - Hugh Hugh Masters and the Seven Lohan, Ku Hao "Hip Hop" the old monk with "many", "to," "Mi," "Fat," " repetitious, "" pull "," West "were named the seven small pupil, and the Heart with its unique temperament, the Shaolin martial arts to teach -" Seven Ocean Front. " Suddenly one day, mysterious master walked out without a trace, leaving behind only the Seven Little Lohan guard gate. No master of discipline, little Lohan is having all the fun they, abandoned the martial arts practice. Little Lohan did not expect that their possession of the Millennium Temple treasures, outside the temple, has long been eyeing against Treasures. That is, four Indiana hacker group - gangsters Gangster nine lines long, snakes and scorpions beauty nothing in, King Kong and Frankenstein adviser thugs pattern happening. They held a treasure map, make-up into a desire to sneak into the temple visitors, stolen treasures. Unfortunately, their wishful thinking wrong, but little thought to face Lohan, easily able to win, did not expect Guiling Jing strange little Lohan designed a series of "trap", from daily prayers to use in a large wooden fish, to stock soy peanut corn on the cob, and even the sternest Lohan Buddha, are "" helping hand extended, "play the King Kong Luohan. Indiana is a whole group of four was seven dirty eight factors, trapped in the temple can not get out. on Little Rohan that success, the success of nursing homes, the nine lines long resorted to despicable moves, kidnapped in the small Ocean "," cc ", escaped into the cave closed off master Buddhist temple. She never thought that was picked up on a golden cock - Xiang Yu the Gold Cloth. Kim Kap nine patterns in upper body invulnerability, gradually losing seven small Lohan was hit the foot of the pit. Then they regretted not follow the teachings of the master, a good martial arts. Temple fell, the pain of stolen treasures with their senses and remorse, Seven Little Lohan Lohan again picked up the stick was knocked out in the water, put the Big Dipper's formation, the final decisive battle imminent...

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